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Eight Key Ingredients to Build Customer Loyalty

Ten Truths to Help You Market Via the Mail

6 Celebrity Secrets for Making Your Customers Feel Like Stars!

The Source of Leadership

by David M. Traversi

Time Management 101

11 Tips to Take Control of Your Time

Also know as SMS Marketing, this marketing tool offers hall managers the opportunity to text message their players with the latest specials, jackpot & other time sensitive information.

Text Message Marketing

 It is the challenging task of bingo managers in every hall to not only maintain current revenue and interest levels in the game, but to improve them.

Managing Your Mail Lists

There isn’t a marketing professional in the country who wouldn’t agree that word of mouth advertising is the best and most effective form of promotion.

As has already been discussed elsewhere on this site, people today have a large number of entertainment choices

to choose from to satisfy their recreational needs.

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Using QR Codes

Take a look at our series of articles on using QR Codes in your bingo hall HERE.  You will also find a QR Code Generator were you can experience how easy it is to generate your own codes.

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Facebook and the

Business of Bingo

Facebook has fast become an integral part of the lives of many people around the world. Registered users, in many cases, stay in daily contact with a continuously growing list of family and friends.


10 Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line

The big question. What is it going to take to improve our bottom line? There are many answers. This article outlines just 10 that all halls would benefit from implementing.  To receive the password, email your request to info@promotingbingo.com. The password is the same as the archives.


Promoting Bingo is designed as an information resource for bingo hall management personnel.

The mission of Promoting Bingo is to provide the bingo community with promotions and hall management information

designed to build a stronger industry and to make bingo a more attractive entertainment choice.

We look forward to your feedback and participation.

The Mission

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a good tool for creating a direct mail campaign that focuses on developing referrals from your current players.


The Hot New Bingo Trend

Just a few short years ago, cosmic bingo was just an idea... now it, and other variations, are a growing trend. Many efforts are under way to make bingo new again by reinventing it for the younger players


A Relatively New Smoking


We all know how devastating no smoking bans have been on charity bingo.


1. What is an autoresponder and why use them?

A.  An autoresponder is simply a series of pre-written emails sent to your customers on a regular basis.   You write an email and set it up for delivery to your customers who signed up to get information from you.

Getting Familiar With Autoresponders

Mobile Business Apps are the Next Best Marketing Tool for Bingo Halls

A lot of words and statistics can be used to build the case that mobile devices have grown, and continue to grow, into one of the most popular technological advancements.  Just looking around would convince the most skeptical among us.  And as with all new developments, the speed with which these new developments are improved and made more accessible, is directly proportional to their

popularity.  As a result, mobile is changing and improving…FAST!

For business marketing, an online presence is an ongoing evolution from the days, not too long ago, of just having a website, which developed into a mobile website, to developing an online social presence,  and to now developing your own mobile app. Many of the larger, mega casinos have been in the mobile app marketing arena for some time.  They realized the many benefits and conveniences mobile apps provided their players and, with proper management, the increased revenue and player loyalty they would gain.  They also had the resources to fund the exorbitant development costs required to create a custom native app for all the mobile platforms and, were

able to still do it cost effectively.  


Helping Make That Personal Connection With Your Players

Player Loyalty - Safe to say that there are different levels of loyalty among players. Every halls goal should be to attain the highest level from every player knowing that the reality will be something less then that.  Although there are different strategies for attempting to reach this goal, the key is the talent of the employees to create these connections.  To help facilitate it, management can help players get to know the employees a bit better.  This article looks at one strategy to consider.




With better interactive capabilities then Facebook and better accessibility and readability then a website, Mobile Apps are now affordable and the best and most cost effective marketing tool for Bingo Halls.  

Download an example of what can be created.  APPLE   OR   ANDROID.

HERE is a link to all of the affordable details and contact information.

Read the article below for more info on the benefits of Mobile Apps.



Budget Friendly


Code Wall



8 ½” X 11”


6” x 9 1/2”

Here is a promotional item that will not only fill the seats during giveaway day(s) but also keep players coming back all year


Keep them well informed so they don’t miss a thing!

We have designed these calendars to be affordable, cost effective, and with a reduced minimum of just 250!

These calendars make a perfect Anniversary Celebration Gift to your players that will keep them more closely in touch with any hall.  

Visit the website For All the Details.

Competing in Today’s Competitive Environment

What a very competitive entertainment environment we live in today!  The number of choices and the increasing number of ways people now have to access their entertainment is creating a very challenging environment for bricks and mortar bingo halls. Ever improving technology is fostering higher and higher expectations that every daily life activity be more and more convenient.