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We all know how devastating no smoking bans have been on charity bingo. We also know that the smoking in tribal halls doesn’t create the healthiest environment for players and employees.  Now there is a healthier and legal alternative that could significantly change the current gaming environment for the very much better.

Electronic cigarettes (E-Cigs) are beginning to make a big splash here in the US.  What are they. Find that out here.  And the benefits here. There are a lot of aspects of this new product, and the various brands of this product, that can be considered when evaluating it’s health and social benefits. For the scope of this article, since we are only interested in whether this product will benefit the bingo community, we are going to focus solely on whether this alternative to cigarettes will satisfy the urgings of bingo players during the length of a bingo session(s).  The short quick answer is YES!

The feedback from users of this product, from all walks of life, is overwhelmingly positive.  Common sentiments include nicotine satisfaction with the freedom to ‘light up’ anywhere at anytime, legally. This freedom aspect is highly important to smokers.

Here are the advantages as we see them to any and all bingo halls.

1.) The obvious is that players who previously chose to avoid the bingo hall because of the no smoking ban can now return and enjoy their favorite past time again and satisfy their nicotine craving at the same time. This alone is a game changer.

2.) Because these cigarettes do not emit smoke, each user does not add to the smoke level in your hall.  Also, more players smoking the electronic cigarette over regular cigarettes, the healthier the air environment for players and employees.

3.) There is also significant potential for this to be another revenue stream for any hall.  This product is available wholesale from a variety of manufacturers. Your hall can sell the starter kits and/or fully charged individual disposable E-Cigs right from your gift shop, VIP counter, dauber center, etc.  The starter kits are usually around a $60 investment .  Offering individual cigarettes, gives your players the opportunity to try the product before jumping in with both feet.

There is information all over the Internet about  this product.  

Here are some reviews by manufacturer: Here. Here. and a popular forum Here.

Lot’s of information in video format also. Here. Here. Here. and Here.

E-Cigs may sound a little fishy at first and a little too good to be true,  but after a closer look we

think you will agree that this is a smart product that can significantly improve the quality of life of

every hall.

If you have any comments about this article or would like to share additional information or your experience with this product, email us here.


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