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In today’s tight economy, as we know, people are making fewer of these choices outside the home and choosing instead to stay home with their big screens and a bowl of popcorn.  Which in itself is an ‘economical’ entertainment choice. But believe it or not, there are probably a large number of people in your local community who may have never even considered bingo as an entertainment choice, much less an economical one. It is a widely held belief in the advertising industry that it takes exposure to several ads for the information in the ad to actually be ‘received’ and several more for it to actually be acted on.

In any business, the name of the game is getting, and keeping, customers.  Getting customers can be expensive, while keeping them costs a great deal less.  We have covered a lot of  ways to keep your current bingo customers. This article focuses on getting them without spending wheelbarrows full of money.  Two words describe how to do this effectively...Be Creative! ... and be willing to put in the time it will take for your efforts to be effective.  This approach will also require patience.  This is a long term process that will be rewarding to those who stick with it and follow through on the plan.  

Your plan will consist of several ideas for getting your name out into the community over and over again. And there are several free, or nearly free ways to do that.  The goal is, to create name recognition and, what we will call ‘Planting the Seed of Consideration’.  Planting the seed of consideration is a simple concept.  Expose potential customers to your business name over and over until the potential customer moves from just ‘receiving’ the information (your name) to finally saying, “hey, maybe we should consider checking out this bingo hall instead of...(add their usual entertainment choice here)”.  

Create your plan and make a commitment to follow through on it for at least the next...2 years! Once you have 2 years under your belt, and can actually quantify some results, you will want to continue it indefinitely. Your results will be directly proportional to the time and effort that is put into your plan.  

Here are a few ideas to consider for your plan. We encourage managers who have tried this strategy, to submit their own successful ideas.

Press Release - This is probably one of the single best free tools you can use to get our name out there.   All you need is a newsworthy event.  Plan to write and submit a press release as often as possible.  Press releases can be submitted to your local newspapers and online.  Charity halls have an advantage here as most news outlets will more readily publish a charity article then a none charity article. Charity halls should take advantage of this and submit articles regularly on jackpot winners, fundraising goals that have been met, upcoming events and milestones that have been reached with the funds that have been raised.  Tribal halls have a little higher bar to clear to get releases published.  A fundraiser by players and employees for a favorite charity during the holidays is particularly newsworthy especially if it is unusual or creative.  Being creative and newsworthy is the key to getting published.  Online publisher are more accepting of almost anything since the space they have to fill is unlimited.  They do require proper formatting and style. All of the press releases online are internationally distributed but are occasionally picked up by the local media.  Most if not all local newspapers have an online edition where your release could appear.

Bingo Consulting - Schools and PTA’s around the country are always looking for fundraising ideas for a variety of needs. Offering to assist in setting up a bingo fundraiser is a great way to get your name out there and give back to the community.  The bingo session can be held at the school using bingo supplier donated equipment, which you could arrange, or if possible, at your own hall between sessions.  Lots of advantages to having it at your own hall.

Basket of Promotional Items - Create gift baskets of promotional items and donate them to local charity events for raffling in your community.

Business Advertising Exchange - Make arrangements with other local businesses to display your advertising message in their business in exchange for your displaying theirs.  You can create a specific location for all local business advertising in your hall.  Make it a high visibility area and local businesses may appreciate your efforts and hopefully return the favor. Your message can take many forms. Brochure, postcard, coupons etc.  Whatever your choice, make sure your name is big and bold and easy to read.

Facebook - Five years ago, online was going to be the place to be to advertise and communicate with your customers. Five years later, it is now the time and will be for the foreseeable future.  Currently, one of the best ways to develop an online presence and to connect with current and future players is to create a Facebook page.  This option is well worth the time it takes to learn and create your page. Get all the information on creating your bingo halls Facebook page here.  

It’s important to keep in mind that this is a long term strategy.  The goal of your plan is to get your halls name out in the community as often and in as many places as possible.  Because clear results of your efforts will not be immediately evident, it may be challenging to maintain an ongoing effort.  But, be creative and determined to stick with your plan and you will see results.

As new and creative ideas to ‘Get Your Name Out There’ are received, they will be posted here.

To submit your suggestions, email them HERE.

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