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Just a few short years ago, cosmic bingo was just an idea... now it, and other variations, are a growing trend. Many efforts are under way to make bingo new again by reinventing it for the younger players

Bingo has a branding issue - people think it's for old people...and well, It generally is...  However, some innovative and creative managers are making bingo more attractive to the younger generation by playing loud music, lowering the lights, hiring an MC to get the party started and marketing the game as "It's not your Grandma's bingo'... and the results are impressive.

 Lot's of halls are starting new 'Cosmic' bingo sessions. Check out the stories below to get some inspiration.

• Here is where it all started. The brain child of Don Damond, Bingo Director and Scott Gothberg,  Bingo Manager, at Mystic Lake Bingo just south of the twin cities. Be sure to click on the video   link in the middle of this story.

• And Cosmic Bingo is so different it is newsworthy.  Check out this video from the Star

  Tribune in  the Minneapolis.

• It has spread to Arizona at Casino del Sol.

• Sunset Bingo in Beaverton, Oregon.

• And to trendy south beach hotels in Miami...

• And not just in the US.  Chances Bingo in Canada will launch it’s first session on

  Saturday, April 18th at it’s Mission, B.C. Hall.

The spread of this new brand of bingo is a testament to it’s success.

It’s a simple matter of knowing your audience and giving them what they want.

Let the good times continue to roll!!


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