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Entertainment Choice!

People make entertainment choices every day.

The goal of PromotingBingo.com is to make bingo a more likely choice and increase its popularity by providing bingo managers with

a shared information resource that will assist in making their halls more operationally efficient and a more fun and interesting place to play.

The competition for everyone’s recreational dollar is increasing everyday. Advancements in technology in all recreational areas have provided new and exciting ways for people to spend their recreational time. PromotingBingo.com was designed in an effort to make bingo more competitive, more attractive and increase it’s popularity now and into the future.

The first question...

that probably comes to mind is...’OK, great, sounds good but how do you accomplish that?’. It definitely can’t be done by just creating a website.  But a website can be a tool that bingo managers can use to access useful, practical information on how to make their halls more competitive and attract more of those recreational dollars.  It’s a matter of creating such a great player experience, in each hall, that the positive word of mouth created will attract new, and importantly, loyal players.  Ok, great...  

The second question...

that probably comes to mind is, ‘where does this information come from?’.  Great question. This takes us to part 2 of the foundation upon which the usefulness of this site is built.   Quite simply, all of the information made available on promotingbingo.com is from ‘veteran’ bingo managers; managers who have years of successful experience and know how to operate a successful hall.  They know what it takes and have a bingo bag full of tips and tricks on how to fill the seats in their halls.  The voluntary sharing of that information is what makes

promotingbingo.com work. The website is designed as an information exchange service where bingo managers can exchange information between themselves about what works and what doesn’t in every area of bingo hall management.

Next question...

‘How does it do that?’.  A couple of different ways. Due to maintenance and security issues, the bulletin board has unfortunately been discontinued. Comments, feedback, ideas and useful information that you would like to share with other managers, can be submitted by email to info@promotingbingo.com and it will be posted in the appropriate location on the website. The goal is to circulate as much useful and beneficial information as possible to make all halls more competitive & potentially successful.  And here is the bottom line...the philosophy if you will, of Promotingbingo.com: The more halls that are competitive for that recreational dollar, the more popular bingo will become. Create the positive word of mouth and more players will be attracted to your hall.

Another way information is circulated on the website is through submitted articles.  Articles sent to promotingbingo.com are posted, under the appropriate heading, and the source of the information is credited. With the new partnership arrangement with the Bingo Resource Guide (BRG), submitted articles will be categorized as available for free, or for a fee, in which case the author will receive a cash payment for each time the article is purchased. The editor of the BRG will determine the category of each article submitted. Contact Clyde Bock (clyde4bingo@comcast.net) for more information. The details of the free promotions are sometimes financially sensitive so they are password protected and only accessible by bingo management personnel.  

Which brings us to another feature of the website. The bingo manager mail list. All bingo managers are encouraged to sign up on the website to join the promotingbingo.com email list.  The benefits? E-mails are sent out when new information has been added to the website, including the password to the latest promotion idea.

Latest Bingo Technology

In order to become and remain competitive in the current technologically explosive environment, it is important to be aware of the technology options that are available to your hall.  Some of  these options could require a sizable capital investment.  The decisions made, can effect the efficiency of your hall operation for years.  The ‘Latest Bingo Technology’ section, now located on the BRG, was developed to help provide as much information as possible about the various options.   Here, vendors can highlight their latest and greatest products, upgrades, etc. Vendor participation is encouraged.  


This sister site and sponsor of promotingbingo.com, is where creative new promotional products are developed to help accomplish the goals outlined here.  The mission is to develop products that will create a positive product experience and a positive word-of-mouth ‘buzz’ for the hall.  The deadline based, group ordering system, makes the promotional products affordable for even the smallest halls.  The joint mission of the two web sites is to get more new players interested, and loyal, to the game of bingo. If you have an idea for a printed product that you think players would love to have, get in touch with us at gary@promotingbingo.com.